Fawn Grove Florist opened in April, 1998 at 65 Mill Street. It is owned by Karen and Larry Heaps. Karen runs the flower shop and nursery. Larry takes care of all mechanical operations and the property maintenance. The property at 65 Mill Street was once owned by Mr. Jim Smith of Fawn Grove, who owned the canning factory. He used the property as an auto shop to repair his trucks and other vehicles.

In 2003 we had the opportunity to purchase the old sawmill property located at 90 Mill St. and since we had pretty much outgrown where we were, we decided to purchase the 3+ acres and buildings. The mill was once owned by T.J. Phillips and operated as a sawmill for over twenty years. At one time the main building was used as a train turn about. We have renovated that building which now houses three new businesses. The old garage where he worked on his vehicles is now the flower shop.

We wanted to preserve the building as much as possible as we renovated it to accommodate the new businesses. We tried to keep the rustic appeal and we named the property “Olde Mill Village.” We have a few more renovations to finish, but hopefully being in this new location will give us plenty of room to grow as times demand.